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Around 2 months

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Profesional experience
Before earning my degree in Psychology at Los Andes University, I did my internship in clinical and health Psychology. Soon after, I started working in HR at Boydorr Nutrition, where I earned experience in organizational climate, recruitment, training and well-being processes. After almost 2 years, I started a new professional challenge at RemoTi, where I have learned about research, C-level recruitment, sales and marketing recruitment, and most importantly, about contributing to amazing life-changing opportunities.

I enjoy sharing time with my family and my friends. I love to travel and learn about new cultures and traditions. Without a doubt, my favorite hobbies are dancing, reading and capturing unforgettable moments (in the form of photographs).

Tech recruitment expertise 
E-commerce, Financial Services Companies, FinTech, Insurtech, Blockchain, Marketing and Sales.