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A remoti member since
Almost two years

English and Spanish

Profesional experience
I have professional experience working in management consulting, focused on assisting leading companies and institutions expand into international markets; and now recruitment, being the Senior Account Manager at Remoti, where I’ve been working closely with distributed companies, finding talent for these teams worldwide.

I’m a big family man so spending time with them will always be one of my favorite things to do. Besides that, I love traveling, and also love traveling in Colombia. I consider myself to be an ambassador of Colombia and love showing the beauty and diversity of my country through my camera lens.

Tech recruitment expertise
In the time I’ve been at Remoti, I’ve had the opportunity of working for both the Sales&Marketing team, as well as the Tech team, with a major focus on the second one. Fintech, Software (SaaS), Wealth Management, Blockchain&Crypto, Autonomous Vehicles, etc. are industries which I’m working with or have worked with in the recent past.