Contact number
+57 3208525936

A remoti member since
6 months

English - Spanish - very basic Italian

Profesional experience
I have hands-on experience in Recruitment, Organizational Psychology and Clinical Psychology.
I have worked in a start up of 12, in a school of 400, and in a large company of over 1200 employees.

I’m a Christian, always curious and eager to have new fun facts in my brain. I love to cook without a recipe. I'm a fan of high-quality coffee,and  my book selection ranges from “The Godfather”, to “Love in the Times of Cholera” to Tintin comics

Tech recruitment expertise 

Specialist in the Fintech Industry, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Payments, Banking and Gaming (Casinos and Betting) Industry.
Back-end: Java, Python, Golang, SQL, and Javascript.
Front-end: Javascript and frameworks.


Full-Stack Engineer
Front-end Engineer
Back-end Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Software Architect
Tech Lead
Engineering Manager
Blockchain Engineer
Integration Engineer
Solutions Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer