Contact number
+57 3108686881

A remoti member since
2 years

Spanish, English, Dutch

Profesional experience
Business administrator from EAN university, started my professional career about 5 years ago working as a business broker in the financial sector, after that my experience had been mostly commercial, selling mainly financial services to digital marketing solutions. About 3 years ago I had the opportunity to work as a recruiting specialist and happiness officer where I fell in love with human resources, people and management in general. I started in Remoti as a Talent Associate and slowly made it to Sales Manager. Currently in charge of the Talent Associates team, internal hiring, onboarding, training, project management, 

I love spending time with family, with my dog and girlfriend, trying new restaurants, going on hikes, traveling and mountain biking

Tech recruitment expertise
Autonomous driving vehicles, fintech, software development, early stage companies, blockchain.